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Charles Dickens' Biographies
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Charles Dickens' marriage to Catherine Hogbarth was one that defied the established norm of the Victorian era. Before the 1850s Dickens gave every evidence of being fond of his wife. Surely their having so many children together indicates a certain kind of love. At the age of forty five, Dickens separated from his wife. Many biographers feel that the cause of the dissolution was an affair the author had with the actress, Ellen Ternan. This 4 page paper is meant to be a comparison between two biographies of Mr. Charles Dickens. The biographies chosen are: Charles Dickens A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Life and Work by Paul Davis and Dickens by Peter Ackroyd. A third source has been added that provides both an extension to the two above and a different perspective than either of the above. In an article that appeared in Biblio in May of 1998, Janet S. Krueger and Kelley Blewster provided a more in depth look at the relationship of Charles Dickens and the actress, Ellen Ternan, than either of the selected biographies. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Charles Dickens/ Hard Times
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: A 5 page research paper on Hard Times by Charles Dickens. The writer argues that Hard Times is an example of Dickens's concern for social issues, but also his feelings in regard to the soul of the nation and how it was being affected by the industrial age. In the social theory of Utilitarianism, Dickens, who had a deep Christian faith, felt that a purely pragmatic view of human relations robbed humanity of its soul and overlooked the subtleties in the human condition. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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Charles Dickens' Hard Times
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In Charles Dickens' Hard Times, there is a thorough, if somewhat melodramatic, representation of Victorian life. Dickens is known for his excessive number of characters in his novels, and, though there are less in this work then is generally seen, each is well developed and understood a to their place in the novel. Dickens has a tendency to portray his characters as representative of the different forces within society and this is certainly true in the case of Stephen Blackpool, Josiah Bounderby and Thomas Gradgrind Junior. This 3 page paper examines these three characters in terms of their interaction with the environment of the novel. No additional sources are listed.
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Comparative Analysis of John Ruskin's "Unto This Last" and Charles Dickens' "Hard Times"
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A 6 page paper which how Victorian art critic John Ruskin and popular novelist Charles Dickens took a disdainful view of the prevailing British political economy during the nineteenth century, reflected in Ruskin's "Unto This Last" and Dickens' "Hard Times." Specifically considered are the attacks on the political economy offered by each, and how Ruskin and Dickens' regarded their role in political, economic and social debates. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations": Original Versus Contemporary Ending
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5 pages in length. Bowing to the demands of social pressure, Charles Dickens was coerced into establishing a more dismal ending for his classic "Great Expectations" than he had originally intended. That Pip and Estella have any kind of a future together at the end of the more modern version is, too, what had ultimately transpired through social pressure of a different sort. Contemporary versions of Dickens' timeless tale have suffered the same fate as the original text, in that the endings were construed by means of public persistence to reflect a more accurate portrayal of reality. In Dickens' era, it would not have been prudent for the author to allow Pip and Estella to overcome their challenges and enjoy a life together. In modern times, however, people clamor for a happier ending as a means by which to demonstrate the ever-present sense of hope. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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